Wine Society - Riverside Country Club

  • The RCC Wine Society will meet from 3pm – 4pm on the second Thursday of each month.
  • An informal social affair where members of The Society will be able to taste wines selected by Arkinda and Jason (Level One Sommeliers; Court of Master Sommeliers)
  • Society members will have the opportunity to taste and discuss each of the wines and gather information about the wines.
  • Questions and curiosity are encouraged but enjoyment is paramount.
  • The Wine Society will be comfortable and knowledgeable with the ‘special glass pours’ available to them.
  • RCC Wine Society Members will have first notifications of wine tastings and wine dinners hosted here at Riverside Country Club.
  • Society members will be able to purchase Society wines for home consumption at discounted prices.
  • Society members will be able to purchase Riedel glassware for use at home at discounted prices.

Email Arkinda to sign up!