Gallatin Crossing - Riverside Country Club

Hole 9

riverside duck Gallatin Crossing

Par 4

The tee shot is the key on this picturesque, hard dogleg left. A mid-to-long iron with the right to left movement will cut the distance into the green. However, large cottonwoods left off the tee and nasty rough right of the landing zone make a well-placed tee ball essential to managing this hole. From the landing area, more cottonwoods push in from the left, and the green is guarded right and left by large bunkers.

Hole Yardages

Black Yardage: 401

Blue Yardage: 350

White Yardage: 350

Red Yardage: 260

Gold Yardage: 260


Men's Handicap: 5

Women's Handicap: 4


Sand, Water, Trees, Out of Bounds - Left

Gallatin Crossing map