Mission and Goals

The Explorers provide all Riverside Country Club members an opportunity to join other members in various social, recreational, educational and cultural activities.  These activities are suggested, researched, coordinated, and run by Riverside Country Club members.  All members of Riverside Country Club are members of the Explorers.

The group meets monthly to review recent events, check on progress of activities in the queue, and discuss potential new activities.

Any Riverside Country Club member may suggest an Explorer event.  The normal process is to attend the monthly meeting and present the idea.  If it is approved by the members in attendance, a date is selected and arrangements, including writing the announcement, taking reservations, coordinating with the event venue, etc. are made by the person making the suggestion.

The key to the success of the Explorers is a core of members who are willing to make suggestions, take initiative, and follow up.  The more people involved, the better.  More people means a wider variety of ideas and activities along with more leaders for each specific outing or event.


Starting A New Season

The Riverside Hiking Group was organized in June of 2018 and our first year was very successful. Even after canceling several hikes due to rain, smoke, and trail closures, we were able to enjoy six lovely outings. By the end of the summer, 35 RCC members had signed up to participate.

This summer, we hope to repeat most of last year’s hikes and add several new ones. Here’s our tentative list of hikes, subject to change based on weather and the desires of the group:

Story Hills Trail (Bozeman)

Triple Tree (Bozeman)

Grassy Mountain (Bangtails/Bridger Canyon)

Sourdough/Bozeman Creek (Bozeman)

Blackmore Lake (Hyalite Canyon)

South Cottonwood (Bozeman)

Beehive Basin – all day (Big Sky)

Part of Hyalite Lake Trail (Hyalite Canyon)

Pioneer Falls (Spanish Peaks)

Livingston – all day with a short hike, lunch, and more (Paradise Valley)


The guidelines for the group, based on the preferences of the current members, are as follows:

Day of the Week for Hikes – Wednesdays

Starting Time – 9:00 a.m. early in the season, changing to 8:30 a.m. as summer progresses and temperatures rise. We might occasionally meet as early as 8:00 to carpool to more distant locations.

Frequency – Every 2 weeks, continuing through early October and weather permitting.

Duration – 2 to 3 hours in length, not counting driving time to the trailheads.

Difficulty – Easy hikes to start the season, progressing to mostly moderate hikes.

Location – Local hikes to start, then some more distant hikes. As a general rule, we’ll keep the drives within 1 hour 15 minutes each way, which would allow us to hike the Bozeman area, Hyalite Canyon, Big Sky, and the northern parts of Gallatin Canyon and Paradise Valley.

Membership – All RCC members and their guests are welcome, as are children of members, as long as they are able to keep up with the rest of the group.


Our first hike of the season will be one of two easy, nearby hikes - either the Story Hills Trail or Triple Tree. Both are, known for great wildflowers early in the season, plus nice views of Bozeman. We can’t set a date yet, since it’s too early to predict when the wildflowers will emerge.

We hope you’ll want to share in the fun this year, as we experience the beauty of our mountains from the trails. We welcome new members to the group at any time. Email Jane to sign up and be put on the email list to receive information about upcoming hikes. Contact any of us with questions or suggestions.

Jane Hodges, 586-6338, jhodges680@mcn.net, Organizer

Connie Halstad, 585-1222, rchalstad@aol.com, Hike Leader

M.A. Bulger, 586-7267, mabulger@msn.com, Hike Leader

Patty Shea, 580-3014, pattymt406@gmail.com, Hike Leader

Rod & Gun Club


More information to come...