Cross Country Ski Trail

Important Information Regarding the Cross Country Ski Trail

As the snow continues to fall and begins to accumulate, our ski trail will be set and ready for use. We will be sure to send out updates as we get closer to ideal conditions for the trail system to open. Each winter, the following letter is communicated to the membership in various forms regarding the Riverside Country Club cross country ski trail system and the requests we make for the health of the golf course as it pertains to this winter activity. Please pass this information on to your cross country ski friends and help us in our efforts to maintain and improve your great club.

After a significant snow event, the areas to be addressed are prioritized as follows:
- Club and tennis parking areas
- Club walks
- Paddle courts
- Cross country ski trail system (Depending on the amount of snow, it may take a couple of days to get the trail system groomed and the trail set. Please be patient.)

Trash cans and plastic bags will be located around the trail system. Please use them as much as possible.

The trail system begins and ends at the north end of the club parking lot. This location is the only entrance and exit to the trail system. Please park your vehicles at the north end of the parking lot to begin your activities. This area provides plenty of parking space and room to load and unload your equipment and to let your dogs run.

*PLEASE STAY ON THE TRAIL* The trail system has been routed so as to minimize wear and damage to the grass on the golf course. Ultimately, the golf course is the most valuable outdoor facility of your club. The isolated compaction of the individual skier will damage the grass, especially the low cut grass on the greens, tees, and fairways. This damage is visible in the spring and will require extra care to repair the damage. The existing routing provides miles of great, beautiful skiing while minimizing damage to the golf course.

Thank you all for your help and understanding.

Kurt Klonsinski,
Golf Course Superintendent