Gregory Short

Executive Chef

A Bozeman, Montana native, Gregory Short’s passion for the food industry propelled him to Hyde Park, New
York, where he graduated in 1993 from the Culinary Institute of America. He continued his education and
refined his talents while cooking under the watchful eye of David Kellaway at the Salish Lodge in
Snoqualmie, Washington. After three years, Short was offered the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to further
cultivate his education with Thomas Keller at the world-famous French Laundry in Yountville, Calif.
While at The French Laundry, Chef Short moved up through the ranks from poissonier to garde manger and
saucier, followed by four years as Keller’s sous chef. In 1999, after Short had proven his ability, Keller sent
him to France for an extended culinary education. The first restaurant, in Paris, was Taillevant, a very classic
French restaurant where Keller himself had worked. Short then secured three other “stage” positions at Pierre
Orsi in Lyon and La Cote D’Or in Burgundy. Short then went on to Montpellier, a town on the
Mediterranean, to work at the renowned Le Jardin Des Sens.
“Coming to Montpellier was like a breath of fresh air,” recalls Short. “It was a beautiful town with sunny
weather, blue skies, beautiful produce and friendly people. My co-chefs gave me a lot of respect and
responsibilities. It was a nice change from Burgundy where the other cooks didn’t talk to me at all!”
The French adventure clearly paid off for Short. In 2001, he was nominated by Keller and his peers at The
French Laundy for the Bertoli Sous Chef Awards Competition where he won first prize.
In 2003, Short was offered the opportunity to open The Loft, the Montage Resort and Spa’s then new
restaurant in Laguna Beach, Calif. “Opening a new restaurant is quite an experience, from hiring a team of
people to setting up all of the systems. You don’t know what to expect because everything is brand new and
has never been tried.”
Short got a call at the Loft asking him to return to Northern California to co-chef with Richard Reddington,
chef-in-residence at Masa’s Restaurant. “I had never before wanted to work in a big city, but when that call
came I was ready for it. I was hungry for the challenge.” Short took over “top toque” in October 2004.
For over 25 years, Masa’s, popularly regarded as one the finest French restaurants in the world, has made its
reputation with a succession of chefs that have deftly walked the line between culinary adventure and
classicism. Short follows in the “hall-of-fame” roster of award-winning chefs originally started by Masataki
Kobayashi and continued by star master chefs Julian Serrano, Ron Siegel and Richard Reddington.

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