Men's Golf Program

The men’s golf program at Riverside Country Club provides many outstanding events to look forward to each golf season. These range from our annual Men’s Member-Guest tournament, Wednesday evening 'After 5' league, and our ever-popular day games held each Wednesday. 

Our goal is to provide events to the membership that suits every individual, whether a tournament golfer looking for competition or a recreational golfer looking to play with a group for fun. 

Each year our goal is to increase participation in our golf events. The goal of the golf professional staff at Riverside Country Club is to provide 1st class member service during each event to our membership and their guests. We continue each year to do all we can to set ourselves apart from all others and provide the # 1 country club experience.


Contact Ryan Troxel, Head Golf Professional, to find out more about the 'After 5' league.


After 5 League

Start Date

Wednesday, May 27th

  • 8+ Weeks of regular season*
  • Playoffs Based on # of Teams *
  • 4:00pm Shoptgun

*Schedule subject to change based on number of teams



Modified fourball: In fourball, each side consists of two players from the same team. Each player hits his own golf ball throughout the round. On each hole, the team combined net of the two players serves as that side's score. For example, on the first hole for Team A, Player 1 scores a net 4 and Player 2 scores a net 5, so the team score is 9. If Team A gets a 9 while Team B scores 10, then Team A wins the hole.



Stroke allocation is determined by: 80% Stroke off the Low Ball of the 4some.



Each week, only 2 matches per team will count towards your teams point total. 

Teams will score points accordingly:

1 point for winning the Front Nine

1 point for winning the Back Nine

1 point for winning the total round

Possibility of 3 points total per match



Teams will consist of 5-7 players. You can sign up as an individual or put your own team together.  To register, please contact Luke in the Golf Shop or by email

Each team will designate a Team Captain.  Team Captains will be responsible for communication and pairings each week by providing all information to the Golf Shop for scoring by 7pm Tuesday evening prior. After 5 League will be run through Golf Genius. Click here to learn more. 



$100.00 per player for the season

Men's 2020 Invitational

The 2020 Riverside Men’s Golf Invitational will be played on July 9–10–11, 2020.  The entry fee for the event will be $400.00 per player.

This year ALL ENTRIES WILL BE DONE ONLINE.  This event is currently sold out.  If you would like to be added to the wait list, please click here to sign up through the tournament portal.


What you need when you register:

MEMBER: Enter your name and verify with your member #, review your info, yes/no to add’l guest for Saturday dinner, and phone #

GUEST: Guest Name, e-mail address, yes/no for add’l guest for Saturday dinner.

These are required fields needed when you register, but please note, you can edit this information after you have completed registration prior to the event.