Jr. Golf Club Championship - Riverside Country Club

Jr. Golf Club Championship
Golf Events

Aug 08, 2023

9:00am - 10:00am

Begins at 9:00am

This is a great way to wrap up the junior summer season!

Tee times will be assigned (oldest age groups will go first). Tee times will be between 9am and 10:30am and will be assigned the day prior

$20 Entry Fee includes lunch, snacks and prizes

Players are allowed to play up into older age groups. Overall junior boys or girls club champions will be from the 18 hole format.

Age groups/tees/holes

Age 13-17 boys (white tees) 18 holes

Age 14-17 girls (gold tees) 18 holes

Age 10-12 boys (red tees) 9 holes

Age 10-13 girls (gold tees) 9 holes

Age 7-9 boys (gold tees) 9 holes

Age 7-9 girls (junior tees) 9 holes

Ages 5-6 boys and girls (junior tees) 4 holes

Parents are welcome and encouraged to ride along and watch or help their youngster!

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