Mardi Gras Buffet Dinner - Riverside Country Club

Mardi Gras Buffet Dinner
Social Event

Feb 13, 2024

5:00pm - 6:00pm
Mardi Gras Buffet Dinner

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Seatings start at 5:00pm

Mardi Gras kicks off this coming Tuesday and Riverside is here to help you celebrate in style. Enjoy a delicious and convenient Mardi Gras themed
buffet dinner specially prepared by Chef Greg and his team!

Price: $24.95+ per person

Mardi Gras Themed Menu:

Reservations are required. To let us know what time you would like to join us and how many people in your party. Please note, there is NO OFF MENU DINING on this evening.

Please click here to make your reservation request.

More details to come...

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