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Explorers Hike - Sourdough Canyon/Bozeman Creek
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Jun 01, 2022

All Day

Riverside Explorers Hiking Club

The Riverside Explorers Hiking Group provides an opportunity for members to get to know other members, while enjoying the beauty of the mountains from some of the hiking trails in Bozeman and surrounding areas. Summer is coming soon (or so we’re told), and we are gearing up for our 4th hiking season. We had 64 men and women on the roster last year, with an average of 10 attending each hike, so there’s plenty of room for more.

• Day of the Week for Hikes – Wednesdays, chosen by majority vote of the current members. The goal is to hike every other week, but when we must cancel, we’ll try to reschedule for the following week.

• Duration – 2 to 3 hours in length for most hikes, not counting driving time to the trailheads.

• Longer Hike Option – Available on some of our hikes. Those interested will leave the group at the normal “turnaround point” and continue farther, accompanied by one of our hiking leaders (Tim Wilson).

• Difficulty – Easy to Moderate hikes to start the season, progressing to mostly Moderate hikes.

• Starting Time – 8:30 (perhaps 8:00 late in the season, as we travel to out-of-town trails).

• Location – Local hikes to start, meeting at the trailheads. Then, some more distant hikes, with


• Making Reservations – Prior to each hike, the pertinent information will be emailed to each member of the group. Those planning to attend should “make a reservation” with the Organizer, so we’ll know 1) whom to expect, and possibly wait for, at the carpool point or trailhead, and 2) whom to contact, if the hike is cancelled.

• Planned Hikes – Our tentative list will include a mix of popular hikes from previous seasons and new hikes. The schedule is flexible and will be determined by weather/smoke/road closures and other unforeseen circumstances which seem to occur every summer. Here’s the tentative list:

Sourdough Canyon/Bozeman Creek

Triple Tree

Grassy Mountain (in the Bangtails)

South Cottonwood

Mount Blackmore Lake

Beehive Basin (Big Sky)

Pioneer Falls (Spanish Creek)

Paradise Valley hike and afternoon in Livingston

• First Hike – June 1st, Sourdough Canyon/Bozeman Creek, with a “longer hike option.” Date and location are tentative; it all depends on the weather!

We hope you’ll want to share in the fun this year. We welcome new members to the group at any time. Email RCC member Jane Hodges to sign up and be put on the email list to receive details about upcoming hikes or to provide any comments or suggestions.

Jane Hodges, Organizer



Patty Shea, Hike Leader

Tim Wilson, Hike Leader

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