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Jun 25, 2022

All Day


There will be 3 divisions: Men's, Ladies, and Mixed

All registrations will go to pending status. Confirmations will be sent out based on divisions and overall field size.

COST: $130 per person + optional team buyout for $200/team

(Team buyout payouts will be paid in cash)

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Conditions of the Competition:


Men (Index up to 18.0) - Blue
Men (Index 18.1 and higher) - Blue/White

Men (age 65+) – White

Ladies – Gold
Ladies – Index 9.9 or below – White

Day One: Scramble
Players will both hit every time and the best shot will be chosen. Ball may be placed within one club length of the original spot, no nearer the hole and keeping in the same cut of grass. This process will continue until the ball is holed out. Each player is required to use 6 drives each.
The team will receive 50% of their average handicap.

Day Two: Best Ball
Players will play their own ball on every hole. The team will take the best net score on every hole to complete their round. Players will receive 80% of their handicap.
There will be DEUCE POT for Sunday’s round.

This is a NET tournament. The payout will be based on the # of teams in the division (approx. payout will be 30% of field). Payout will be as follows:

Scramble = 1/4 of payout pool
Best Ball = 1/4 of payout pool
Overall = 1/2 of payout pool

TEAM BUYOUT: Will be paid in cash to the top overall finishers in each division (payout will be approx. 30% of field size).

DERBY QUALIFIERS: The top 10 low overall scores from any division will qualify for the derby. There will be 10 teams competing in the derby. Ties will be broken based on the round 2 score. If there are still ties, then the teams will putt-off on #18. The format is true alternate shot after the first tee ball. Everyone will tee off on the first hole. The team will choose which ball they wish to play and alternate from there. People may purchase tickets prior to the derby to bet on the winning team.


11:30am – Registration
1:00pm - Shotgun
6:00pm – Cocktail Hour & Appetizers
7:00pm – Dinner & Entertainment

9:00am – Breakfast and Bloody Mary Bar
10:00am – Shotgun
2:00pm – Lunch
3:00pm – DERBY

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