Welcome New Members

On behalf of Riverside Country Club, we would like to welcome all of our new members into our outstanding Club! Below you will find a continuously updated list of our newest members. We encourage our current members and staff to reach out to them and offer a warm Riverside welcome!


New Members:

Donald & Robin Haught

Doug & Jeanie Badenoch

Greg & Stephanie Dennee

Robert & Kathleen Morrison

Danny Sprinkle

Michael & Adrienne Ferrell

Brock Gummer

Josh & Angela Montanye

Peg & Jake Rifleman

Jonathan & Tesha Distad

Steven & Dori Schelhammer

Pete & Sarah MacFadyen

Michael & Nancy Mortier

Michael & Roxanne Pearson

Jeffrey Greenberg & Cathleen Dee

Joe & Lauren D'Angelo

Reese & Cecelia Milner

Justin & Christy Kuntz

Christopher & Sarah Hall

Jennifer Hedrick

Peter & Julie Belschwender

Austin & Sommer Daniels

Derek & Lisa Tisdel

Mark & Trisha Easton

Michelle & Ryan Haught

Kelly & Nancy Vange

Welcome All!